Students in the Bullis Middle School, grades six, seven and eight, continue to hone their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Tenacious about their students’ education and aware of different learning styles, Middle School teachers fashion their lessons such that all students are engaged.

The commitment to balance continues here so that students understand their academic responsibilities but have time to enjoy life. Regular assemblies, where literature is read and achievements are honored, bring the community together, thus fostering a sense of belonging, important for children in this unique age group.

Students are motivated to do their best, to work toward goals, to explore new things. An athlete is inspired to work on the Middle School newspaper; a student who enjoys acting is encouraged to try a new sport; a student who is good in math is shown its relationship to music.

Challenge is a natural part of growth: Can you reach the top shelf? Can you reach an audience with your words? Can you reach a goal on the playing field? Having a stable structure on which to stand makes it easier to reach tough goals. And as each challenge is mastered, confidence grows along with the strength to reach for the next.

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