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Why not take a major stressor and turn it into something students and families can learn from and even enjoy? That’s the idea behind the Bullis College Counseling Office, where specialists provide practical tools and deeper guidance. The goal is to make students able to make their own choices—not to make choices for them. The office doesn’t push students toward a list of “name” colleges. Instead, it helps each individual student manage the search process to find the right school. The staff visits dozens of campuses and admissions offices to get information and uses the latest software to help students organize multiple applications. This attention to detail has led to our students selecting colleges where they are happy and productive throughout their entire college experience.

We hope that this website will aid you in the college admission process. The site is full of answers to frequently asked questions and serves as a great introduction and addition to our services. Click on any of the links at left to explore College Counseling at Bullis. Information will be updated frequently, so make sure to bookmark us.

College Counseling Calendar


12th grade parent coffee/College Counseling

8:00 AM

12 grade parents coffee/College Counseling (repeat program)

7:00 PM

11th grade parent coffee/College Counseling

8:00 AM

9th and 10th grade parent coffee/College Counseling

8:00 AM

11th grade parent "kickoff college" meeting

7:00 PM

Athletics/College Counseling Night

7:00 PM

11th grade student/parent mock admission program

7:00 PM

Bullis Students:

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