Academic Center

In a time when we know more about a student’s learning, learning styles, and best practices than ever before, the Bullis Academic Center, located in the Marriott Family Library, supports Upper School students and teachers to optimize a student’s learning experience. The Academic Center is a hub for learning and achievement. Students are encouraged to spend study halls in the Center, and all Upper School teachers are expected to spend two periods per week working in the Center.

The Upper School learning specialist and a media specialist are located in the Academic Center and help oversee the Center. The learning specialist and coach offer strategies to enhance the cognitive and academic performance of all students. The Academic Center also houses a fully functioning Writing Lab staffed by a member of the English department for students who seek writing enrichment or help with various writing assignments. In addition, Bullis Student Tutors operates out of the Academic Center, providing peer tutoring for a variety of courses.

The Academic Center also has two state of the art digital media rooms for student projects, video conferencing, presentations, and collaboration.

Academic Center Links

Writing Lab

The Bullis Writing Lab is located in the Academic Center, with an online presence at the Bullis Online Writing Lab. The Lab serves as a resource for students and faculty to promote best writing practices, provide strategies, workshop student writing, and offer guidance through the writing process across the curriculum. For students who desire supplemental practice and guidance, the Writing Lab is an excellent place to start! Contact for appointments and/or questions.

Academic Support

Click here to read more about academic support for all divisions.

Student Tutors

Click here to visit the Student Tutors website for more information, study aids and other resources.

Professional Tutors

Bullis invites outside tutors to work with students and can provide space for this assistance. Please review the attached information and forms for more details.

Learning Support Packet for Tutors