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At Bullis, Green initiatives have become Green principles. Thinking green, sustainable and local is now part of daily campus life, from recycling to renewable energy use, reducing electricity to reducing trash, and much more.

  • Bullis installed a 110kw solar electric (photovoltaic) power system on the Blair Family Center for the Arts. Click here to learn more about the solar power system.

  • Bullis derives 100% of the electricity it uses from renewable energy sources (wind and solar power).
  • Bullis is ranked number 4 in the country (among school districts as well as independent schools) for its use of renewable energy by the EPA in its Green Power Partnership. More information on the four Maryland schools and the entire top-20 list of K-12 schools is available by clicking here.
  • Bullis was awarded membership to the 2011 Green Power Leadership Club by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The purchase requirements of renewable energy are ten times those of membership for the Green Power Partnership.
  • Bullis participates in the annual Green Cup Recycle Challenge, a competition among area independent schools every April that encourages recycling and the reduction of electricity usage and trash production.
  • The Bullis Community Garden (across from South Hall) encourages gardening among students, faculty and staff, and produces local and organic food for the school’s lunch program.
  • Bullis has installed software to monitor the solar energy generated and used on an hourly basis .

Bullis is a 2011 Green Award Winner from Bethesda Magazine and Bethesda Green.

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Community Garden

Community Garden

Community Garden

Read Jonas Hosmer’s Blog at Scholastic Kids Press Corps, entitled “Green Efforts at My School.”