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  • Carlos Acha

    Dining Hall
  • Margaret Andreadis

    Social Studies
    Language Arts
    Lower School
    Work 301-983-5701 x780

    Currently teaches:

    • 3rd Grade

    Started teaching at Bullis in 2011.

    My teaching is student-centered, focused on achievement, active and engaging to meet the needs of each child. My teaching style is warm yet firm with high expectations for all students.

    I love Bullis because each student, faculty and staff member is unique and special while at the same time Bullis is a place where everyone belongs and fits as one community. The sense of self as a part that fits into a community is valued.

    James Madison University, Psychology, B.S.
    George Mason University, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, M.A.
    Johns Hopkins University, Elementary Education, M.A.T.
    MSDE Standard Teaching Certification, Elementary Education Grades 1-8
  • Duruhan Badraslioglu

    Technology and Engineering
    Upper School
    Work 301-983-5701 x892

    Currently teaches:

    • AP Physics
    • Astrophysics BL
    • Epidemiolopgy BL
    • Mechanical Engineering BL

    Started teaching at Bullis in 2004.

    I finished medical school as a general practitioner, but I was more interested in teaching science rather than practicing medicine. Teaching is exciting, unpredictable and challenging.

    I believe students need to feel comfortable to learn and ask questions. I use humor to get their attention and technology to relay what they need to learn. We work on simulations, hands-on labs, class discussions, contests, blogs, movie clips and small group projects in the class. Science is meant to be exciting.

    University of Marmara School of Medicine, M.D.
  • Pedro Pablo Balarezo

    Facilities, Maintenance
    Work 301-634-3620
  • Gabriela Barbieri

    Foreign Language
    Lower School
    Work 301-983-5701 x830

    Currently teaches:

    • Spanish IA
    • Spanish 6

    Started teaching at Bullis in 2008.

    My philosophy is that if I do not have the passion to teach, it is impossible for my students to have the passion to learn. I work hard to engage my students in learning so they will love what they learn. I think that if what they need to learn is not significant to them, they do not learn at all.

    University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, Research Stud.
    National University of La Plata, Argentina, Prof. EducSrv
    Third Level Institute of La Plana, Argentina, School Teacher
    Argentina-University of La Plata, B.A.
  • Kily Battista

    Advancement, Director of Annual Giving
    Work 301-634-3697
  • Evelyn Beckman

    Foreign Language
    Middle School
    Work 301-983-5701 x835
    • MS Foreign Language Coordinator
    • Latin IB
    • Latin 6
    • Honors Latin III
    • Honors Latin II

    Started teaching at Bullis in 2006.

    I became a teacher because I have an intense passion for the Latin language, Roman history, and Greco-Roman culture and wanted to find an outlet for that passion.  The Latin language and Greco-Roman culture have had such a profound effect on our lives as Americans, and I love helping students make that realization.  I cannot imagine doing anything else!

    I believe very strongly in making the subject matter of my classes accessible to all my students. Latin can be challenging, but anyone can master it. Often, students come into my class intimidated by the idea of taking what they perceive is a very difficult language. I make it clear very quickly that they will succeed and that I expect a lot from them!

    In order to help our class material to come to life for my students, I have assigned them projects such as acting out scenes from Roman history and creating short films of Greco-Roman myths. When students are able to act out the material we are learning for others, it helps them to enjoy and care about the material even more.

    Florida State University, B.A.
    Florida State University, M.A.
  • Jeff Bellistri

    Upper School
    Work 301-983-5701 x802

    Currently teaches:

    • Algebra I
    • Algebra II
    • Geometry

    Started teaching at Bullis in 2001.

    U.S. Naval Academy, Oceanography, B.S.
  • Alex Beltran

    Bus Service
    Work 301-983-5718
  • Victoria Benson

    Summer Programs, Assistant Director
    Extended Day
    1st CLASS
    Work 301-634-3613
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